Style for all seasons

Style for all seasons

I want to share some scans from a recently-acquired book of inspiration. David and Elizabeth Emanuel went down in fashion history as the couple responsible for Princess Di’s wedding dress. Yes, that one. Perhaps not the sanest sartorial venture, I hear you cry, but everyone knows that rational thought and the art of dress do not always go hand in hand. Forget the inhibitions of popular good taste and you can’t help but feel awe-stuck by the sheer overblown fantasy of their gown. It takes dramatic vision and ‘cojones’ to attach eight metres of taffeta to a bride. A hunt for information on these somewhat forgotten and fearless romantics lead me to purchase this out-of-print book. When it arrived I was so delighted! It was like going back to all the party dresses of childhood. As well as a mine of pictures, the book presents their approach to styling and design – which encourages us all to look ‘uniquely and unforgettably individual’ and references art history and classic cinema with inspiring eccentricity.

Stunning Susan Hampshire in an Emanuel dress
Some chic summer looks
A dress suitable for dancing with 5 naked cherubs in a spanish aristocrat’s house

2 thoughts on “Style for all seasons

  1. Just came across this blog when looking through artwork by Otto Franz Krone. And gotta say, I love what you’re doing! So yes please blog more cos I’m bookmarking ya!

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